Mickz Motor Trimming was established in 2004. Having begun the journey of becoming a Motor Trimmer in 1987, starting my own business was always a goal.

The experiences gained during nearly 30 years of motor trimming have provided me with exposure to a diverse selection of vintage, classic and custom cars, strengthening by ability and versatility in design, patterning, assembling and fitting.

Explore the Showroom to see some of the cars I’ve trimmed, many of which have won top awards at various shows, including 3 Top of Class at the 1st ever Melbourne International Concours d’Elegance and Gold Interior & Rear Compartment at Motorex 2015.

These results and my ongoing passion for this trade are what drives me to keep my quality of work at a very high standard.

Early career

Having had a passion for motor vehicles and trimming design from a very early age, I pursued my dream to become a Motor Trimmer when I began my apprenticeship through Batman Automotive College, whilst employed at Master Trimming Services Melbourne.

I received many accolades from the college during my time there, including Best Apprentice Trimmer & Best Overall Apprentice.

My adaptability and enthusiasm held me in good stead as I learnt how to work on many specialised vehicles and was therefore without hesitation allocated the specialised cars in my 9 ½ years as an employee. Moving on from Master Trimming Services, I was employed by Blackman & Sons Melbourne, for 8 years before establishing Mick’z Motor Trimming.

My experiences in the early years reaffirmed my aspirations and drive to pursue motor trimming as a full time career, a drive which still remains to this day.